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She who finds a good tailor finds a good thing.

Attention to detail and craftsmanship:

Good tailors are proud of their work. Check for precise stitching, clean seams, and attention to detail. You should check their alterations to make sure they're good.

The ability to communicate:

A skilled tailor listens to your preferences. They must ask about your style, fit preferences, and any specific adjustments you need. Communication is critical to meeting your expectations.

Style and trends:

Great tailors know what works for your body type and understand fashion trends. They can advise you on fabric, collars, and other stuff if you ask them.

Expertise in fitting:

Watch how the tailor assesses the garment during fittings. A good tailor pins and adjusts areas precisely so it fits perfectly. Factors like posture and shoulder alignment will be considered.


Ask how long alterations will take. Reliable tailors should be able to provide a reasonable timeline. Don't go with those who promise rushed alterations.

References and portfolio:

See some examples of their work and ask about their experience. It's easy to tell a tailor's expertise if they have a portfolio or good reviews.

Put their knowledge to the test:

Ask a technical question. Let's say:

Is it possible to shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder?" A skilled tailor can handle complex alterations.

How would you adjust the waist of these trousers?" Their answer will give you a clue.

Check out their shop:

A clean and well-organized shop reflects professionalism. Watch how they work and what they use. Clutter and disorganization can indicate a lack of attention.

Go with your gut:

Listen to your instincts. It's a good sign if you feel comfortable talking about your preferences and concerns. It would be best if you trusted your intuition when it comes to evaluating their professionalism.

Get to know each other:

Find a good tailor and nurture it. Your alterations shop will know your style and preferences better if you visit them regularly.

A good tailor will enhance your appearance and ensure your clothes fit perfectly. Take your time to find someone who aligns with your needs and expectations. 

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